Monthly Archives: September 2014

(BN) Rajan Warns Ultra-Low Rates May Distort Prices With No Gain (1)

This guy is easily one of the best out there .. He is spot-on in his assessment..


(BN) Banks to Adopt Crisis-Clause Derivatives by Next Month, FSB Says

How will this ever work if market participants do not sign up? Cannot have regulators win and investors lose.

Investment Grade credit and HY at 3 month wides!

More flows to high quality credit

HY vs investment grade spreads now increasing to 300 bps, thanks to concern over rates more than anything else. Once the doves prevail on sentiment, expect a flow back into HY.

(BN) Caesars’ Assets Insufficient to Satisfy Lenders: Distressed Debt

(BN) Vale’s Bondholders Punished by Iron-Ore Collapse: Brazil Credit