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ETFs – the camouflaged elephant


HY will not see “highs” amidst illiquidity .. hmmm.. let’s see what the new issue calendar has to say to that

(BN) Leveraged Cash Spurs Stock Rout With Record Treasuries Trade (2)

(BN) Chevron’s Watson Sees Bright Future in Dung-to-Mopeds Shift (1)

“Dung to Oil”.. compelling.. perhaps a good entry point into the stock, after its fall from highs

Nice article on FT on why India bucks global slowdown

india bucks

Almost 435 bps now separate HY from Investment Grade!

(BN) Fed Officials Saw Global Slowdown Among Risks to Outlook (1)

Low rates forever? Looks like a world of watered-down currencies globally, with investors chasing returns and not really creating organic growth anywhere within the G-8. Cannot end well.